A Guide to Maternity and Nursing Bras

A Guide to Maternity and Nursing Bras

You are planning on breastfeeding; you might be on the fence of it. Because you’ve heard the notion that mother’s milk is liquid gold, it has nutritional benefits for both you and the baby, that it burns calories. So, now what? The actual work on breastfeeding has yet to dawn on you— the breast engorgement, the late-night leaks, the sore nipples.

To hesitant mums, we will say this: Breastfeeding won’t come naturally at first. It will take some time for you to adjust having a toddler latching onto you, but the journey is beautiful and intimate. It will be a worthwhile learning curve for new mums to grasp.

To make your breastfeeding experience pleasant, (1) a comfortable, all-rounder nursing bra will do, and needless to say, (2) the essential kit (nipple cream, breast pump, hot/ cold compress).

Why Should I Buy A Nursing Bra?

“Own the right equipment to the right battle”

Seeing as your expectant body is changing, you might as well take the opportunity for intimates upgrade. It is crucial to own a nursing bra that fits on you like a second skin, allows easy access to feed, provides gentle yet firm support, and can adapt multi-size expansion without restriction.

Think of it as investment on the long run for your coming births. Trust us, you’d rather spend a few dimes than cry out in frustration when you nurse later. Plus, you can even wear them as usual after the baby phase is over.

When Should I Buy A Nursing Bra?

While you have an idea on the size of your baby outfits, it is advisable to cool your heels and watch out for your new cup size. Get your measurements nearing the end of bump stage when your bust is engorged with milk. Seal the deal once you’re certain on your size.

How To Find the Ideal Nursing Bra?

The real challenge emerges… How to find the right one for me? The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all for everyone. By closely aligning to your unique preference, you’ll be one step closer to finding the one best fit you.

We’ll go straight dive into things to know about nursing bras, so you’ll be well versed when you shop for it soon.

Nursing Bras Are Very Functional 

Usually, nursing bras tend to integrate a more structured support than standard bras. All the more fun it is to explore its distinctive features integrated within each piece.

Whether you prefer… to name a few, thicker band, wide straps, cushioned paddings, drop-down clip, open front snap; each to their own. We know too many options can be overwhelming, especially if all of it is new to you.

The main focus is to round up a comfortable breastfeeding experience for lactating women. Prioritize your need to feel secure and supported during this pivotal juncture in your prime mom life.

Discard the metals, liberate the boobies

Breastfeeding lasts up to 20 minutes or longer for new moms, exclusively for 6 months. So, a wireless design has got to be a whole lot easier to flap it open for milk access. Pretty much gives you room for promising growth (and even when shrunk in size).

Explore our line of easy-care wireless nursing bra that screams nothing but comfort.

Soft, Padded Cups

Soft touch cups? Come on. They call for a whooping victory. Like floating on cloud (nine), it’s a no-brainer for your tender breasts. The lightweight fabric makes it flexible to simply pull down when it's time to nurse. Say goodbye to nips suffocation and boobs sweat when you wear them all day.

Barricade Mode, On

A full-coverage bra offers wider and higher wall for the bust. They are hands down, the ideal for night comfort when your toddler cuddle cosily when he/ she nurses. It accommodates your growing and changing shape and provides more support when you need it most, making it nearly impossible not to feel comfortable in.

We vouch for:

So how do you make your experience with nursing bras better?

Invest in Comfort and Style

Nursing bras varies from standard bras in many ways, but they can be supportive yet stylish. Make sure when you try it on, keep them level and snug so the bra is well-fitting on you. It takes a few tries to finally meet Ms. Right, you never know which is the right one for you until you give it a go. So shop mindfully for your nursing bras, snag it when you find the style you love!

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