Tiktok Affiliate Program

9months Maternity's Tiktok Affiliate Program

We're boosting empowerment by offering every content creator and fashion lover the chance to become real fashion influencers. You can earn up to 15% commission on each sale you make!

What Does It Means to Be 9months Maternity's Tiktok Affiliate?

9months Maternity Tiktok Affiliate means you promote 9months Maternity's products without needing to keep stock. You can generate sales and commissions by creating content on the platform. We're looking for enthusiastic TikTok content creators who love women's fashion or are caring moms.

What Benefits Can You Get As An Affiliate?

1. Commissions

You are entitled to get 15% from the sales (follow Tiktok's formula: Commission = (Revenue - Refunds) X Commission rate.

How to Be an Affiliate Using Tiktok Shop?
You must apply for Tiktok Shop on your existing Tiktok account.

Step 1: Click on the 3 lines on the top right corner

Step 2: Click on 'Creator Tools'


Step 3: Under 'Monetization' , and then choose according your followers


To open your Tiktok Shop you must be:
a) A resident of Malaysia

b) Over 18 years old Then, there are 2 categories you can apply for depending on how you meet the requirements;

i) For followers over 1,000 : Apply through Tiktok Shop for Creators
ii) For followers less than 1,000 : Apply through Tiktok Shop for Sellers

Lastly, you can now browse through the product marketplace from your profile.

What you can do next is search “9months Maternity” through the search bar and then you’ll be able to choose within the range of our products you want to promote.

Then add 9months Maternity Products To Your Account and Start Promoting!


Congratulations, you’re finally 9months Maternity’s Tiktok Affiliate!